At the Lighthouse Gallery, Australian National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour. Sydney Hospital for the Dissection Workshop

We are excited to present the 2022 Rhinoplasty Masters’ Symposium and Dissection Workshop with a faculty of five world renowned European rhinoplasty surgeons. Our speakers will offer a firsthand look at the latest surgical practices, with a focus on preservation techniques and how they can be used with existing techniques. Join us from September 1-3 in Sydney for another exciting meeting and dissection workshop.

Peter Callan, George Marcells & Richard Harvey


We have assembled a distinguished group of keynote speakers from around the world to discuss exciting advancements, innovations and pearls. We will all learn something new and practical to take home and improve our rhinoplasty results from these masters in their field.

For more information, please contact Isabel Perez or direct on 0407 262 414.